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Simon Clarke —

Is your child in year 5 or 6 and interested in robotics?

The annual Robocup competition is on June 23rd.  The school has a number of NXT and EV3 Lego robots that the Parent Group have purchased and  that can be used for this competition.  We would hope to enter 2-3 teams.

From previous experience, children (and parents) need to be very committed to this project and it will take considerable team work and time for a successful completion.  To give you some idea it has taken me 6 hours to build and programme a fairly simple robot over the holidays.  Groups will need at least 2-3 full days at a minimum.

The school can only provide limited expert support as we don't have the expertise on staff.   We will be able to provide some support through Balmacewen Intermediate and parents when they have the time.  A lot of help can be found on Youtube and other web sites but parents will need to expect to learn alongside their child.  This is not something you can just let your child go and do without your support.

There are 3 competitions that are available for children; dance, soccer and Search and Rescue, more information can be found on the link below.

Please have a think if this is something that your child might like to do and if you are prepared to support it, and tell them to come to the meeting at morning tea time on Monday at school.