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dads and bubs
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Dads & Bubs Move’n Getting to know your bub by moving with them

Simon Clarke —

This class will focus on physical and playful interactions with baby as a way to support their emotional, mental, sensory, and movement development.
Moving more with baby will also enhance dads own physical health and well-being. Spending time observing baby in motion will help dads get a feel for who they are, their needs and what they are trying to tell them.
Dads will begin to enjoy just hanging out, mucking around with movement all the while getting to know their kids better.

Who is running the class?
Matthew Smith is a father interested in sharing his movement research with other dads. He has been focussed on human movement his whole life and has studied many different movement forms from martial arts, such as capoeira and karate, and those from dance such as house dance, partner dances, and contemporary dance.

What: 4 week Course for Dads and their babies up to 15 months old
When: Friday Morning 9:00-10:00 from November the 2nd
Or: Saturday Morning 9:00-10:00 from November the 3rd
Or: Tuesday evenings, 4:45 - 5:45 from November the 6th
Where: Catholic Social Services 42 Macandrew Road
To register or for More information:
Matthew smith - smeeeth@gmail.com
Or Mike Tonks - mike@cathsocialservices.org.nz