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Just two days to go...

Simon Clarke —

The PledgeMe campaign finishes on Tuesday at midnight, don't miss out on getting the best seats in the theatre.

With only two days to go we are still $2,000 away from our goal.  If we don't make the $5,000 goal all bids are not counted and your credit card will not be billed.

If this happens we will no longer be able to make this a free event and may even have to use the Regent's ticketing system which will raise the price considerably for all. 

Remember that the only was that we can guarantee seats for extended family members is if you purchase preferential seats.

A paper newsletter will be sent home on Monday asking how many seats you need for your immediate family and how many for your extended family.  It is our intention to allocate tickets to all immediate family members and hold a ballot for extended family.  If you have bought preferential seats then you can disregard this form.  The form needs to be returned back to school by Wednesday to your child's class teacher.