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Mandarin extension day out.

Beth Downie —

Read Madison's review:

Yesterday the mandarin extension group walked over to Columba College for a mandarin session with Chinese teachers from different places. We were chosen to take part every Thursday to have time to learn mandarin, our teacher was Jenny. We got split into 3 groups. We all went to different stations, I was in a group with Matt, Jakob, Freya, Ellie, and Finley.

My first station was the chopsticks game, the teacher taught us how to use chopsticks and we had to pick up pasta and transfer it into another bowl. We learned what not to do as in do not bang chopsticks on the side of the bowl all though it is a good noise beggars use it to get attention on the side of the street.

After we played a game with ping pong paddles and we had to balance a ping pong ball on top of the paddle and we turned it into a relay race, it was really fun and quite challenging.


Taichi fan

We got fans each and were instructed to do movements with the fans we did it together and one by one, we did 4 movements with the fans the first move was moving the fan sideways the second move was putting your hand up and flicking the fan down, the third move was flicking the fan down and crouching down, and the last move was flicking the fan up standing on one leg and one arm up in the sky.


Calligraphy is an art they use in China. the ink that you use can stain for a thousand years. Before we got to work Jenny showed us a short video about Calligraphy, after that Jenny showed us how to draw a person, fire and a mountain and more symbols.

We had a fabulous day out.