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Photo by Susan Oldfield

Welcome back to our final term for the year.

Susan Oldfield —

What a busy start we have had to Term 4. Athletics day, a school fair, class assemblies and concert preparation.

Our focus this term for Inquiry is 'INFLUENCE' and this time we are looking at it through an arts lense.

Each junior class is immersing themselves in making artworks and studying and discovering famous artists. Come and visit and see our amazing artworks on the walls. We are discovering what influences artists to paint.

Children have also been preparing for our athletics day by jumping over mini hurdles, throwing, jumping and running..

Room 10 and Room 6 have spent hours preparing for their assembly next Friday we can't wait to see what they have to offer.

All the Junior classes have been so busy making and creating for the school fair. Some classes are selling sandwich wraps, necklaces, headbands, pots and plants and beautifully decorated treasure tins. Come and see us at the Junior craft stall. All we need now is a fine, calm, weather window on Saturday. Is that asking too much?

Teachers' are now starting to write your child's end of year report. This report will summarise their year's work and will inform you of their 2019 teacher and classroom. You will receive this report in December.

It has been great to see children wearing sunhats this term. If your child has lost these, please replace it with a new named one from the office.

What a fabulous day we had at the Caledonian Kaikorai Athletics day on Thursday. Miss Ward, we are thrilled with how well it was organised thank you so much for arranging it for us all. Even though the wind blew, the sun shone and the showers pattered briefly across us we had such fun. The best part about the day was seeing children participate even when they thought they couldn't do it. Tears turned to smiles, and this was so good to see. Giving it a go is all that we asked of everyone. Thank you to parents for making sure your child got there safely and was wearing a school t-shirt. All children need to wear school t-shirts when we go on school outings like athletics, junior school picnic, class trips. Please buy one from the office if you still don't have one.

Coming up... Add to your calendar.

Room 10 and 6 assembly Friday 9th November.

Room 8 assembly Friday 23rd November.

Junior concert Thursday 6th December.

Junior picnic at Mosgiel Park Tuesday 11th December.

Enjoy the school fair, see you there on Saturday.

from the Junior Teachers.