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Wires and computers in Room 7 and 9. It's good to work together.
Photo by Susan Oldfield

News from the Junior Syndicate.

Susan Oldfield —

With only 3 weeks of school left we still have a lot to achieve.

As we finish our focus on famous artists around the world and learning about the influences, they had to create such amazing artworks we too have created amazing artworks. We welcome families coming in to see all the fabulous work in all classes that the children have created.

Our next inquiry focus is a class interchange each morning beginning next week. Each class gets to read a favourite Christmas story and do a Christmas craft with a different teacher each day for five days starting Tuesday morning. This interchange allows the teachers to get to know the children they will be having next year and is a fun focus for everyone. Wait for a different craft to come home each time we swap classes.

Miss Ward has arranged for us to have football coaching for the next two weeks which we are looking forward to. Let's hope the weather is kind to us for this.

Starting next week, we are going to be practising some Christmas songs for our end of year concert on the 6th December at 2.00. Each class will be presenting a small item with a NZ theme tied together with a story led by Rooms 7 and 9. A notice is coming home about this next week with dates and times, and please return the slip at the bottom.

Reading books will stop coming home in week 8. We ask that you have a good hunt at home for any reading books and library books left lying around so we can put them back in their boxes for a check before next year. Library books will be charged to you if they are not returned.

Each year we try and do something fun in the last week of school. This year we are returning to Mosgiel Park for a fun day on Tuesday 11th. Parents are welcome to meet us out there. We do not have room on buses for parents only children and staff. More information in the newsletter coming home.

Head lice have reared their ugly head again. Please do a head lice check in the weekend and treat anything you find. If we don't do this, then the problem is never going to go away. A check for threadworms is also a good idea. Ask your chemist about this.

The recent wet weather has shown too many children are coming to school without a suitably named raincoat and suitable shoes. We need a waterproof coat at school so we can walk to the library or go out and play when it is damp. Next week is looking dismal, so please ensure you send your child with a coat that they can wear.

Once again we need to mention the starting time for children to come into classes is 8:30. Each day we find children coming earlier and earlier and then expecting to be in the class before 8:30. No children or parents are to come into classrooms until the 8.30 bell as teachers need this time for preparation.

Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day, so they don't have to come and go from the classroom to get a drink.

See you at the Junior concert and maybe the Junior picnic.

The Junior Teachers.