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Principal News

Simon Clarke —

There has really only been one news story for the last three weeks....the new classes.

The senior and junior classes are settling into their new learning environment and are really enjoying the calmness, the warmth and the new opportunities for learning now. It was a few days of hard physical work as we all moved the furniture as well as celebrations with cake and ice cream, but it is now time to put the buildings into action.

Thank you to the students, teachers and parents who have helped us move furniture and equipment over the last week.  Without your help, we would never have been able to move in so smoothly.  A special thank you to Mike Bradshaw, our caretaker, who has also worked a lot of extra hours decommissioning the old classrooms and helping set up the new ones.

We are in the process of planning a parent information evening and also a social event in the new block in the near future so please keep an eye out for that.

Naylor Love is moving quickly to the next stage, the demolition of the senior classes and the office area.  During this time the Middles classes will be asked from time to time to move into the current library and the former junior block so that services can be decommissioned.  This will start on Monday the 16th for three days as Mrs McBeaths room moves to the library, Room 3 and 4 moves upstairs to the old Room 7 and 9 and Room 5 move to the old Room 8. Please make sure your child knows to go to their old class first. They will return to their classes for a few weeks by Thursday and then relocate again for the entire period of the demolition.

The Wright St entrance is now closed and everyone must enter and leave via the Tyne St entrance. It would be helpful for children who get picked up on Wright St to leave via the driveway gate and walk around to the usual collection point. Please also be aware that classes in the seniors, juniors and Room 6 have changed their names.

Thank you to everyone who has dealt so well with all of the changes!

Kind regards

Simon Clarke