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Principal's Message

Simon Clarke —

What a challenging week for so many people across the country.   Our thoughts go out to all of the schools and communities that have been affected by the earthquake and wild weather.  Many schools have had to close and implement their emergency plans.

This is a good reminder of our own emergency plan and effective communication with parents is vitally important.

Our School App is likely to be the main source of information in the event of an emergency, so if you haven't already downloaded it, you might like to do so from our website.  Please ensure you accept push notifications.

Most newsletters throughout the year reflect largely on the social, sporting and cultural successes that we achieve as a school.  We see the education of the child as a whole as being vitally important.

But as we collate end of year achievement results I am very proud and heartened to inform you that Kaikorai Primary School continues to achieve excellent results in all areas of the curriculum.

 Our initial results from our testing indicates that our reading rates are significantly higher than the national average and our writing and mathematics results are also above the national average.

Many thanks to the teaching and support staff for achieving these excellent results and to all of the families who help with your child’s learning.