Hero photograph
Toby celebrates Mr. Clarke
Photo by Beth Downie

Senior news

Beth Downie —

As we reflect on 2021 and the many changes and challenges our tamariki have been faced with, I am proud of all of their achievements throughout the year. 

Thursday night was a special evening and a culmination of some serious hard work from the movie crew. I loved that the scripts were all written by our children and the whole movie process was student-driven. Real and authentic project-based learning in action. 

The celebration of our Year 6 children was special. It was different from the norm - in the school hall, guest speakers, performances from our students. It was, however, very special being on stage with smiling faces on the big screen. 

I wish to publicly acknowledge and thank Georgia Budd and Lynne Rae who finish their teacher aiding jobs at Kaikorai. Their commitment and dedication to all of our children throughout the school day has been admirable.

I really look forward to seeing you all after what is hopefully a restful and healthy break.

As always, thank you for your support.

Kia pai ngā Harare - Make the holidays great! 

Beth Downie and the senior syndicate