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Walking School Bus
Photo by Simon Clarke

Road Patrol and Walking Bus

Simon Clarke —

It would be greatly appreciated if parents could model the following behaviours...

  • Use the controlled crossings on Wright and Tyne St with your child.
  • Don't park on yellow lines, "even for a minute"
  • Treat the 5min park as a "drop and run" area.  If you want to talk to a teacher or watch your child play in the playground find a suitable park.

Road Patrol

We need only 6 more volunteers for road patrol to ensure that all of our children get to and from school safely each day.  One week per term either morning or the popular afternoon sessions where children enjoying playing with their friends for 15 mins after school.  First in first served!


Walking School Bus

We are very close to a fully functioning bus….we currently have all days covered but only one parent on Monday Wednesday and Thursday….we are going to try and run for the first few weeks as we are but really need some more support both from parent s and kids…


Help keep Kaikorai children active in 2018, the Waking Bus needs three more parent helpers who can walk from 830am on Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. The bus departs daily from the intersection of Belgrave Crescent and Highgate, walking along Highgate until we reach school. Please text or email Richard to help keep the bus going, 0211915053, or richardpanting@hotmail.com

Walking Bus Starts Wednesday

To all parents living along or near Highgate, get your children on the walking bus in 2018, avoid the congestion and chaos around the school. Help keep your children active in 2018. Last year we managed a combined 1000km of Childrens’ walking lets double that this year.

The Walking Bus operates every school day from the corner of Highgate and Belgrave Crescent (at the top of Ross St, just along from Roslyn kindergarten) to Kaikorai Primary School.

The bus departs at 8.30am, but just like any other bus we do pick ups along the way. We walk straight along Highgate to the Roslyn Village, cross Highgate there (via the 2 pedestrian crossing) and then continue along Highgate to the traffic light crossing between Selkirk Street and Fifield Street, into Wright Street and then along to the school entrance.

The Walking School Bus is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way for children to get to school – and it means that parents don’t have to deal with the hassle of busy traffic around the school and trying to find a park!

Every morning adult volunteers walk with the children on the walking bus to ensure everyone gets to school safely.

All children are welcome on the Walking School Bus. The walk is great exercise and the kids enjoy talking to one another along the way. If you’d like to try out the Walking school bus just come along one morning.

Parents are welcome to join in and set a great example for the children or to drop of their children along the way.

For more information, please contact

Richard and Gloria Panting

Cell 0211915053

Email Richardpanting@hotmail.com