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Sarah Gilbert —


Swimming is now over for the year and every year the teachers are amazed at the amount of progress that is made within 8 swimming lessons. It was great to see the children being independent in organising themselves and their belongings although in the race to be dressed and lined up first there was a lot of wet hair and clothes!


We had a fabulous day at Tirohanga, and the sun was shining for most of the day. There is a great walk at Tirohanga. It's not long, only about 1.5km, but those of you who have done it will know the steep climb up to the top is a great challenge for our children, parents, and teachers! While only there for one day this year, we tried to do as much as we could. Other activities this year included making bivouacs, yabbying, the initiative course, and the confidence course. Children enjoyed the range of activities on offer and we were so pleased to see everyone showing the KAIK values, especially being KEEN to try new things. 

Thanks again to all of the parents who came with us. Without you, we can't provide great days out like this!

School Movie

All of the middle syndicate classes have completed their filming days and some of the classes have even watched their own class scenes. A lot of hard work has gone into these scenes and we have spent a large portion of this year learning about scripts, camera shots, and telling a story and it is great to finally complete our part of the movie. 


This year the middle syndicate teachers have been doing professional development in writing and part of this learning has been about collaborative teaching. This term teachers have worked collaboratively to plan and teach classes but also to hold workshops where children are able to book in and focus on a skill that they need to improve on. These have included a range of workshops on spelling, letter formation, writing complex sentences, using subheadings just to name a few. This week while the seniors were away, we moved into their classrooms and used their learning street to see what this would be like next year when we move into our new space. We were so impressed and can not wait to move in!

The Water Cycle by Pippa

Have you ever wondered what you are drinking?

Well, it is all around the water cycle. You could be drinking what a dinosaur was drinking. That is because the water has been recycled. One of the stages of the water cycle is evaporation.

Evaporation is when water turns into gas, the best place to see it is on the road. Condensation is another stage in the water cycle. It is when a gas turns into liquid. Condensation can turn into rain, sleet, snow, and hail. The final stage is precipitation. Precipitation is when rain, sleet, snow, and hail pours. The water cycle is made of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. If there was no water cycle there would be no such thing as anything that's alive.

By Pippa

Quirky Turkey's revenge by Avery Duro

Quirky turkey was steaming hot like a volcano. His eyes were red like lava. His eyebrows were down, like a V. “I can't believe you did that to me’’! Quirky turkey went home, and muttered about getting Baa Baa back. He had a plan, that he would get him with smarty tablets. Quirky turkey grabbed the things she needed. “The last thing I need to do is’’. PLOCK. Out came a disgusting thing.” I just need to put in the whole paint’’. Quirky turkey waited for it to dry, to send it to Baa Baa. After a while it was dry. “ I can’t wait to send this’’. Baa Baa heard a ding sound on his door. “ What's this’’? Asked Baa Baa. “ Smarty tablets’’. Baa Baa opened the package and broke up the smarty tablets. “ It’s poo’’! Baa Baa returned the package to Quirky turkey. When Quirky turkey saw it, he rushed and GOBBLED the whole thing. “ I ate poop again’’!

Dinosaur Report -Harry Wilson.

Have you ever thought about Dinosaurs who lived millions of years ago? The dinosaur is a type of lizard, though they are gigantic they have evolved from tiny underwater fish. Isn’t that amazing? In this report, I will tell you about three different dinosaurs.


The tyrannosaurus rex was a large meat eater (carnivore) They weighed about 11,000 to 15,500 pounds. Its speed is 27 km/h (maximum)

It is known as the 2nd biggest dinosaur in the world. It was the biggest and scariest dinosaur in the world.

Spinosaurus. The spinosaurus had a large sail on its back made of spines covered with skin. Spinosaurus is known to eat fish. Most scientists believe that it hunted food in water and land. It weighs about 12,000-20,000 kg. Its mouth was very similar to a crocodile's with teeth that look the same size as a knife.

Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus lived up to one hundred and hatched when they were about one metre big. They ate all sorts of plants including tree leaves and ferns. It didn’t chew its food. They weigh about 16,000 - 22,000 Kg. To get blood all the way up through their neck and then into their head, they must have had a very powerful heart. Amazing right?

Hope you learned lots about these three amazing dinosaurs during my report. Did you know that you might have actually seen a dinosaur relative in the museum or in a swamp or in the lake or in the forest?

Dinosaur Report

Hi,my name is Htin Bhone and listen very closely.I am going to tell you about dinosaurs.A dinosaur is a humongous reptile that means terrible lizard. dinosaurs lived approximately 65 million years ago.Thats a whopping fine number! Want to learn more about dinosaurs?Well keep reading…

A Stegosaurus was a dinosaur that had a pointy sharp spiny tail.When it is in bad danger it lashes its pointy sharp spiny tail like a lasso.Even carnivores could die from its tail!In the period of stegosaurus, allosaurus was the most fierce carnivore (meat eater). But stegosaurus was not worried. Sometimes it could even kill the allosaurus!A Stegosaurus is a herbivore meaning plant eater.

A triceratops was a three sharped horned dinosaur. Now,you might be thinking they used those three sharp fierce horns to kill and eat dinosaurs but you would be wrong. They actually used those three sharp bloody muddy horns to defend its young, itself and other triceratops. Like the TERRIFIC stegosaurus, they were herbivores (plant eaters).

Last but not least...the Tyrannosaurus-Rex!The most famous dinosaur of all time. Tyrannosaurus-Rex could almost kill everything! Instead of eating plants,they ate other dinosaurs with their big, large crushing teeth! Most dinosaurs were HORRIFIED of Tyrannosaurus-Rex. But it was not smart. Their brains were tiny! They were smaller than a human's brain! A human's brain is the size of your two fists so a T-Rex’s brain was only one fist. That's tiny! But they were fierce reptiles.

In the end,dinosaurs are really cool reptiles and are very fierce reptiles. If dinosaurs were still alive to this day,we would not be alive.So thank you for listening, reader.I hope you enjoyed. See you next time! Bye!

By Htin Bhone Pyaet Kyaw