Hero photograph
Photo by Felicia Ward

Cross Country

Simon Clarke —

On Friday 14th of September was the Otago Cross Country.

 To get into the Otago Cross Country you would have needed to get in the top 10 at the Hills Cross Country. Only year fives and sixes could qualify in this race.

The day of the Otago Cross Country was a very hot day, which made you get tired quickly. First up was the year 5 girls, nobody from Kaikorai Primary got into this race. You could see they were exhausted at the end of the race, that made it look like it was hard work out running in the weather. Next up was the year five boys’ race, we had 4 people from Kaikorai in this race so we had our hopes up high for a good placing.

The boys’ looked ready to run the course with all their power. The buzzer was about to go, on your marks, get set, BEEP! The boys’ ran with all their might across the big field, down the hill, around the edges and across path leading to a bridge. All the boys’ were now fairly spread out they ran up to the second field, and down through the trees and back across the bridge and around to the first field.  Now it was a sprint finish Kaikorai were around the middle, they were ready to sprint it and they sprinted with everything they had.

The race had ended now it was time for the year 6 girls’, there were 2 girls from Kaikorai in this race so hopefully we they could get in the top 10, the girls’ were ready to run. On your marks, get set, BEEP!

The race was on they ran around the field down the hill across down the edges of the field back down to the bridge, down the concrete path. Kaikorai were in a good position they were soon back to the first field, the girls’ from Kaikorai started to sprint finish. They were sprinting as fast as they could to pass some people, they continued to sprint then they finished. Kaikorai finished top 20.

Now it was time for the year 6 boys’ 3 boys’ from Kaikorai were in this race. The race was on, we were ready to run. Kaikorai were at the front of the other boys’ at the start line. Take your marks, get set, BEEP! We were running very fast, we were near the front of the race. We were passing people then they would pass us, it was very even.

The sun was shining on us, it was nice in the shade. We raced across the concrete path we weren’t that spread out because everyone was keeping up, they were trying their hardest. We went through the muddy bit, it was the second field. The trees were right ahead of us it was time for the shade and downhill, we ran across the concrete path once again, then back onto the bridge. The first field was up again, everyone was cheering and supporting the kids running, now sprinting. The final bit of the course was up, we were sprinting super fast to get in front and then we finished.

Kaikorai got in top 20 again, the parents and Mrs Ward were congratulating us for running our hardest. It was a successful race! We then went back to school and some went home. We were very exhausted from our race and we were very proud of our hard work.

By Cormac de la Harpe