Constable Ross teaching Room 8 how to act in an emergency.  by Susan Oldfield

News from the Juniors

Well here we are back into learning and how exciting is that after a lovely holiday break. What a great term we have ahead of us. Here is what is happening...

To Infinity and Beyond is our big focus this term as we learn about the Solar System. This is a topic that captures children and this enthusiasm is wonderful to observe. We hope to have a visit from Starlab near the end of our inquiry.

In the 4th week we have a brief pause from SPACE as we have a fun time with Book Week. In the Juniors we are going to be focusing on Dr Seuss stories and having fun making and creating around 5 different stories by this amazing author. The Book Fair will be on then too so come along and buy some books.

The Life Education Classroom will be here mid June and we are going to be looking at Body Systems to fit in with learning about different 'systems'  which is our whole school concept for Term 2.

Swimming has begun and so far it has been going smoothly let's hope the weather stays warm and dry to make swimming easier. Thank you to all the helpers who have said they will help. We do appreciate the time you give to us.

Teachers will be soon begin  writing mid year reports ready for the end of term parent interviews so it is a busy time for us all.

As this is a winter term please make sure your child has spare clothes in their bag in case of a fall or accident in the mud or wet.

Keep up the good work you are doing with your children by reading with them every night and helping them as they learn. Make learning fun and then it will be easy.

Thanks from the Junior Syndicate Teachers.