by Simon Clarke

Goats on Tour

New Zealand singer and songwriter Mitch James performed at the Dunedin Town Hall last Friday.

To get him 'in the zone' for his concerts he asks for his dressing room to be decorated with hand-drawn goats. (He has a pet goat called Dennis.) Rooms 1, 1A, and a few members of the Kaikorai comic club took up the challenge. After getting familiar with goats and their quirks through a variety of sketching activities, the students were set the goal of creating an original goat cartoon or drawing.

Mitch James LOVED the drawings and has taken them on the rest of his tour, to be put up in his dressing rooms for the remaining concerts. Apart from the drawing he is holding, all goats in the photo are drawn by Kaikorai School artists in his Christchurch dressing room.