by Felicia Ward

Junior News

Term 2 has sure been full of creativity, with our Voyages PBL, waka making and now beginning our movie making unit. Over the last few weeks, the children gained inspiration from watching the first two school movies. They particularly loved seeing their older siblings and friends featuring in the movies. Many classes have spent time learning how to storyboard and create stop motion animations. Next term we get into creating our movie segments and from the sneak peeks I’ve heard it is going to be a must watch!

We want to extend a big thank you to those who took the time to come along to parent interviews this week. We hope you found these informative and like us you were proud of your child's achievements so far this year. As always if you do ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Next term comes with much excitement as Room 7, 9 & 10 prepare to move into their new classrooms. Until then, have a lovely and relaxing holiday with family and friends.

Many thanks

Junior Teachers.

Classroom News:

Room 7:

What a busy term we have had! Room Seven has really enjoyed the start of our next PBL journey where we are learning about how to make a movie. We have explored different camera angles, camera shots and have started looking at how to use stop motion. This week we were lucky enough to watch our buddy class perform some of the plays they had written for Matariki and we really enjoyed them. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Room 9:

Over the last few weeks, Room 9 has been busy celebrating Matariki by doing art. We have also been working on our school movie by making storyboards to plan what’s going to happen in it. We have been using the app stop motion and we have quickly learnt that it is important to keep the camera still. All year we have been counting our school days and next term we will reach 100 days. To celebrate we will have a class party and we will get to hang out with our friends. I am so excited!

By Liam Glover

Room 10:

Room 10 have had an exciting couple of weeks participating in a variety of activities with other classes. As part of our Matariki celebrations, we joined with Room 5, our buddy class, to learn how to weave, and to create a huge Matariki puzzle for display. As part of our PBL, centred around movie making, we have been working on “Storyboarding” and have created individual storyboards based around characters and storylines of our choice. After finishing our storyboards, we joined with Room 1, who taught us how to use “Stop Motion” and turn our storyboard into a short movie. This was a lot of fun. Room 10 have also been learning about camera angles and camera shots and have been practising these skills using our class I-pads. Singing and dancing to the “Matariki Macarena,” and reading a variety of stories and Maori legends based around “Matariki” have also been highlights.

Happy Matariki everyone!

Room 12:

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Room 12 with new projects on the go. We have welcomed three new members, Freddie, Ted and Lucy to the team. In reading, we are currently looking at some New Zealand Authors and Illustrators and sharing some of their favourite stories. Keep an eye out for some of our Artwork focussed around this topic. A favourite part of the week is our Fun Fridays where we base fun activities around our letter of the week. These are often food related activities. Check out some of the photos below of our budding chef.