by Amy McBeath

Middle News

The end of term is near and we know our children are looking forward to a break and time to refresh. 

It has been a busy term of making, creating and keeping up with our regular routines. We had a blast (some literal blasts too) at the Balmacewen Science Show. When we arrived we were greeted by a group of past Kaikorai students who gave us a great introduction to the shows. After moving to our areas each group was treated to a number of science shows. The shows were designed by the Balmacewen students using the same Project Based Learning (PBL) model that we use here at Kaikorai. The shows were fantastic. The breadth of science covered was impressive and included rockets, acids and bases, ice cream, explosions and much more.

Over the last few weeks our children have started learning the skills and gaining the knowledge that we will need to have in order to create our scene for the movie. We have watched the previous movies and started learning about different camera angles and shots and how these help us to convey a feeling or an action. Our next step is to create a prototype using these skills before moving on to planning, writing and filming our scene for the movie.

Thank you for coming along to meet with us for parent interviews this week. We hope you enjoy the holidays and get lots of extra quality time with your families.