by Amy McBeath

Middle's News

The middles are crazy about structures! The classes have all spent time since returning from camp, investigating construction through the use of straws, Popsicle sticks, other classroom materials and through the space planner app.

Each class will, or has had the opportunity to investigate structure further by using the Lego WeDo kits. The children began by constructing a Mars rover that could move, sense objects in order to stop, and have a mechanism for detecting information and reporting it back to Earth. Some groups were able to collaborate their constructions and their programming to make their rovers turn and tow an object. On the second day classes delved deeper into investigating robust structures by building and programming and earthquake simulator. They have developed an awareness for the need for good strong foundations, use of sensible geometric and practical shapes.

Room 6 worked with children in Room 7 to help them publish a story on the Chromebooks. It was great to see children sharing their knowledge with each other, with lots of explanations of how to do ‘some really cool things.’ Many of our KAIK values were also demonstrated as the children worked together.

Room 5 produced an awesome assembly showcasing some of the work we’ve been up to in the middles. Jonty and Mackenzie were the hosts and did a brilliant job with keeping everyone entertained! They spoke clearly and with such confidence! We showed our structure art, character descriptive writing and information reports on Koura. We also sung and danced to ‘I’m still standing’ from the movie Sing and shared a slide of pictures and videos of our fun time at Tirohanga camp! Thanks to all the whanau and caregivers that were able to come along and support us.