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Parent Group

Parents Group Summary 2017

Firstly Season’s Greetings to all of the wonderful families at Kaikorai Primary School. It has been an intensely busy year for the Parents Group and we just want to take the time before the end of the year to thank the whole school community for helping us with our fundraising efforts this year.

There is always some fundraising activity happening so here is a snapshot of what we have contributed towards for the year:

  • Education outside of the classroom (EOTC) apart from the extra costs faced with swimming and school camp, the parents group have funded the bulk of transport costs for classes to visit Museum/Art Gallery/Early Settlers and trips associated with the school movie.
  • School Jackets this initiative was very popular and we have seen a good uptake of parents purchasing them and kids wearing the jackets and we plan to have another round of ordering in term one. The Parents Group also purchased the new school jackets for our school representatives involved with extramural activities.
  • Chatbus an essential service for our kids.
  • Chromebook Station – the funds for the stations were allocated from last year’s fair fundraising projects.
  • Miscellaneous items – there were several resources that were purchased for school use e.g. Lego WEDO Robots, Pop-up Green Screen etc …..
  • Quiz Night, this was a fantastic evening with lots of fun and we were able to fundraise a substantial amount with the help from the entire school donating some impressive prizes.
  • Cadbury’s carpark –a group of parents spent a couple of Saturday mornings collecting parking money and Cadbury’s donate a portion of the money collected
  • Calendar Art, this is always a wonderful fundraising activity as we can celebrate all the budding artists within the school and at the same time stock up our gift draws as we near Xmas.
  • Student Activities – probably the most popular with the kids are Pizza lunches, Sausage Sizzles and of course the School Disco’s (remember we have our junior and senior Disco’s coming up in the last week of school).
  • Leavers Assembly and Gifts there is a long standing tradition to have an afternoon tea for our Year 6 students where the Parents Group gift all the children with a book. We think this is a memorable way of thanking them for being a valuable part of the school and wishing them all the best for the next step in their educational journey.

Fair year 2018

Next year we are already gearing up for School Fair year. This is an incredibly vital part of our fundraising plan, as usual we will be looking for the whole school to help out with donations, second hand goods and most importantly any help you can offer us will be greatly appreciated. So remember if you do any cleaning up of kids rooms, basements or spare rooms over the holidays save anything you think might be appropriate to donate and recycle to the fair.

Fundraising Focus 2018/2019

For the next two years the Parents Group are working closely with Mr Clarke and his strategic plan for rolling out the new school. There is a need for funds to be focused on the new school playgrounds so the Parents Group are committing the bulk of our funding to this important resource. We will have more information available in 2018 in how we plan to meet this challenge.


It is the last year for two members of the Parent Group, Janet Rhodes and Vanessa Hornal.  Vanessa has been on the Parent Group for over 6 years and has contributed hugely during this time.  A special thank you from Simon and the Parent Group.

Lastly I would like to acknowledge and thank all the members of the Parents Group. There is so much work that goes into some of these activities, individually we would struggle but as a team we have pulled off some substantial events. There have been many hours of hard work, creativity and co-ordination dedicated to give our kids all they need to enjoy their school experience. So thank you all for your contributions, it’s a splendid group and we look forward to anyone new interested in joining us next year.