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At Kaikorai we believe a varied and interesting curriculum is important for your child's development and celebrating our students success in these areas is often the focus of the newsletter.

In this newsletter however, I do want to focus on the basics of reading, writing and mathematics.

As teachers are preparing their end of year reports we complete a range of tests and assessments that help inform us of where to place your child's ability against the National Standards.

One of these tests is a nationally moderated assessment in reading and mathematics for Year 4-6 students.  I am pleased to announce that our results were significantly higher than the national averages at all year levels.

Our National Standard results are also pleasing.  We have 88.3% of our students reading At or Above and we have also had a dramatic improvement in mathematics where we have increased from 81% in July to 88% achieving At or Above.  As with most things we have room for improvement.  Our writing results improved from December of last year (75.8%) and July of this year (77%) but with at least78.5% of students achieving At or Above their is a 10% difference between our reading and mathematics results to our writing results.

I would also like to pass on my congratulations to the following students who performed extremely well in the ICAS exams this year.

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  • Harry Bates - Merit


  • Isabella Bamford - Distinction
  • Ruby Goodchild - Credit
  • Sophie Lloyd - Credit
  • Harry Bates - Merit
  • Imogen Hornal - Merit


  • Ruby Goodchild - High Distinction (99%)
  • Harry Bates - High Distinction (99%)
  • Sienna Brits - Credit
  • Lachie Hall - Credit
  • Pippa Trotman - Credit


  • Ruby Goodchild - High Distinction (99%)
  • Harry Bates - Distinction
  • Hope Huang - Credit
  • Rata Williams - Credit


  • Ruby Goodchild - Distinction
  • Harry Bates - Credit
  • Pippa Trotman - Credit
  • Adam Rhodes - Merit


  • Sienna Brits - Distinction
  • Ruby Goodchild - Credit

We look forward to sharing your child's end of year report with you on Monday the 11th.  This report will also tell you what class your child is in next year.  We are currently organising next years classes and it is vitally important that we know if you are not going to be with us next year.  Could you please make contact with the office if you are leaving at the end of the year or are making plans to leave in 2018.

We hope everyone has a great last three weeks of the academic year!

Kind regards

Simon Clarke