by Simon Clarke

Road Patrol

Morning helpers urgently needed.

The crossing at Wright St will be unsupervised before school from next week (27 Nov) until the end of the school year. Morning patrol will resume for the first five weeks of Term 1 next year.   If we have no volunteers to continue until the end of the term 1 2018  it may be phased out permanently. At this stage, afternoon patrol will continue.If your children use that crossing before school, it will be your responsibility to ensure that they get safely across.

The volunteers who patrol the crossing donate in kind to the school. They give their time to provide the school with a resource. Many of them patrol double or triple duty to cover the shortfall in volunteers. Not all volunteers are people who personally benefit: they include people whose children use other crossings, and people from the community who do not even have children at the school!

If you feel that your children are going to be affected by this decision, please consider volunteering for road patrol. If another ten families who use the crossing every day were to help with road patrol, we would not have to make this decision. To volunteer for road patrol, please contact the Principal or email