by Kristen Ferguson

Extension Writing Celebrations

The Extension Writing class has been in full swing and students have shown some impressive writing skills.

Each day before getting into the "nitty-gritty'' of the class, we do a Power Write. This is where students have the opportunity to freely handwrite their ideas for 5 minutes. They are usually given a picture, object, or word to help prompt their ideas, and they are encouraged to practice the strategies that have been taught so far. Our most recent focus has been on "tightening the tension" in our narratives. Students are thinking about how they can keep the reader interested and develop problems for their characters to face. I asked the group to choose the Power Write they are most proud of. Below is one example of a Power Write each student has written. 

Every step I took creaked as I shuffled along a big corridor. I could feel the souls of who might have been here. Everything was dark. I could barely see. I was dreading the worst of the horror and terror of everything

~ Issac (Rm 11)

I walked up the steep, wet hill to the creaky old house. When I got to the top I looked up at the house, shivering. I knocked on the door. It flung open. I took a step. The floorboards squeaked and what happened next, I just can’t describe. 

~ Eva (Rm 11)

Oh no! Why did I ask my parents to go to the haunted house? There are rumours going around that a kid died in the haunted house. Of course I don’t believe it, but as I was entering it, I was starting to believe it. I was scared. Then I heard someone screaming for help. 

~ Morticia (Rm 12)

I walked into the shadows of the woods. The horrifying howl of a wolf echoed through the night sky. I froze as still as a rock. They were close, really close. Suddenly something furry, yep, really furry. It’s probably nothing I thought scaredly. Okay, yep, it was a wolf.

~ Isabelle (Rm 11)

I’m sitting on a bench. The stars are shining brightly but the clouds are crying. The clouds feel what I feel. I get up and walk towards the graveyard on the hill. When I reach the right stone, I begin to cry. The rain pours down my neck as I sob. “Emily,” I call, gazing at the sky. Nothing replies. “Where are you?” I lay the pale pink roses down on the grave, then I turn and walk slowly away.

~ Eleanor (Rm 11)

“Hello,” a whispering voice called out. “Hello” I replied with cold sweat running down my face. “Who are you?” I said.

“I’m afraid you would scream if you knew what I was.”

“No, no. I won’t.” So then out of the shadows a humongous dragon came out. I scream.

“Sorry, everyone says that at first.”

“I never knew dragons still lived.”

“Yeah, we try to hide from humans.”

“Wait ,there are more of you?”


“Can I be your friend and see where you lived in the dragon world?”

So they flew off to the sunset.

~ Naomi (Rm 11)

I was digging around in my garden when my shovel scraped along something hard. I began searching, dirt covered my face in a matter of seconds. It clouded my vision but still I found it. A small, rusty key. It was completely brown, except a little smidgen of orange here and there. It’s been 4 years and we never found what it opened.

~ Enzo (Rm 12)

As he sat there he let the wind and rain engulf him. He could stand this loneliness no longer. He closed his eyes, wishing every breath to be his last. Night fell. Still he sat there, sad as a broken poppy. The street light flickered on, but still his eyes stayed closed.

~ Anabel (Rm 11)

I was in the middle of nowhere. I was in a forest. The dark shadows creeped me out. I walked nervously down the deep forest. The trees moved like there were ghosts surrounding me. My shoes were getting drenched with puddles splatting on them. The tree branches shushed in the wind with leaves dropping.

~ Rosie (Rm 9)

It was over. I was alone. I was cold. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t feel anything. Everything was fading away. The Christmas bells. The children’s laughter. I felt so alone, lost in my own mind’s maze. I couldn’t escape the coldness. Everything just got colder and colder and then…Gone. I felt overwhelming sadness takeover me. “Emma?” Nothing. Oh well. My heart shattered.

~ Mia (Rm 12)

The dread sent cold sweat suddenly trickling down the back of my neck as I silently and cautiously creeped through the hall. As I entered the attic, out from the shadows the horror of a green hairy body crept toward me. “Boo!” Jack took off the mask. I screamed and he fell to the ground howling with laughter.

~ Harriet (Rm 11)

It was dark, really dark. So dark that I couldn’t even see my own hand as I placed it in front of my dirty eyes. Although it was pitch black, I could still see and hear the misty fog as it floated all around me. It was as if it was calling out to me, howling in the misty moonlight. The trees were bare. The fog was as clear as daylight, like sunshine on a hot summer day. But it wasn’t hot, it was in fact freezing, colder than dry ice, maybe even colder. And the silence…was deafening.

~ Evie (Rm 11)

He looked down warily and stepped over the edge. As he tumbled down the wind racing past his face, the rope tightened harder and harder, then pulled to an abrupt halt, then snapped. He fell into the rushing torrent below him, but then he flew back up into the air.

~ Alice (Rm 10)

My breath was heavy and ragged as if somebody was scraping the side of my throat when I was running through the thick fog. From the shadow crept ominous creatures, the wind was fierce, but silent, as if somebody was trying to scream, but didn’t have enough air and strength in their body.

~ Leon (Rm 10)

It was midnight. I was walking through a foggy street. The lamps were flickering. It was all silent until a big BANG. The explosion was so bright that it turned midnight into day. Someone said “Duck down!” I shouted, “why?” He didn’t reply. I looked up and saw millions of weird looking creatures.

~ Hashim (Rm 10)

We were driving in our bright orange car. The wind was whistling and the rain sounded like rocks falling onto the roof. Suddenly the car screeched to a stop. “Dad, what’s happening?” I muttered with dread. “Everyone just stay calm,” said Dad. Suddenly the windows started fogging up with frost.

~ Noah (Rm 10)

FLASH. The pumpkin light flickered on as I creeped into the creepy house. I hear music. Was this where the party was meant to be? The music grew louder as my feet were on tiptoes. On the creaky stairs it creaked. I think it was a bit too loud because the music stopped and I froze like a statue. I was scared.

~ Penelope (Rm 12)

Four cats destined for adventure.

Four tails flick high in the air.

Eight eyes watch every movement made.

Four noses take in new smells.

Sixteen paws waiting to run.

Claws curl dangerously.

The cats are coming.

~ Penny (Rm 11)

The wind howled through the bare trees. Fog wafted through the trees and onto the road. Owls screeched, even field mice made noise, even though it was little noise it all added to make a melody.

~ Theo (Rm 10)

Once there was a key but an ordinary key. The key can unlock anything. The key also costs millions and millions. You may be wondering who owns the key and right now a young lady owns it. She is called Zola. She is super nice and calm. She did not use the key often. She would only use the key if she left her house key at her house.

~ Isla (Rm 10)