by Kristen Ferguson

The Wellbeing Zone

Zones of Regulation: Research has shown that children are in the Yellow Zone more often than we think. A person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, the wiggles, or nervousness when in the Yellow Zone.

This article is based on ways you can help your child regulate their emotions when they are in the YELLOW zone. 

Talk to your children about what might put them in the yellow zone at home or at school, and discuss what calming strategies they want to use to help calm them down. 

Yellow Zones strategies (video)

Situations that might put kids in the yellow zone and how to regulate (video)

Zones of Regulation: The Yellow Zone (video)

You can find out more information about all of the zones on our website.

If you are concerned about your child's wellbeing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself, or your child's teacher. 

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