by Anya Matravers

Creative writing by Room1a

Ruby A

Running through the creepy forest was a little girl about 7 years old, her name was Caroline. Luckily, her older brother Jackson was with her. Thud! Thud! Caroline and her brother ran down the mossy path with trees as tall as giants. They stopped when they finally reached the bright light, Caroline's blonde hair and blue eyes shone in the sun. Her hair distracted a bear and Caroline and Jackson started running for their lives. Suddenly the path came to a split, they did not have much time so they slid down the bank. "Ouch ouch!" Caroline and her brother screamed as they fell. "I think the bears gone" said Jackson and they ran as fast as flash all the way home. 

Molly L

Crack! Crunch! Amber flew through the woods, her long golden hair flickering in her face. Kyla was a few steps behind and panting the hardest she had ever panted before "wait up!" shouted Kyla. To her complete horror they were not the only ones in the woods, wolves were on their tails and they seemed hungry. 

15 minutes past and they were still getting chased by wolves, Kyla desperately wanted a break but knew if she had a break it might be her last one. "This path is never ending" exclaimed Amber but to her relief in the distance they saw two paths leading in different directions, they were both thinking the same thing - they would not need to run for much longer. 

Kyla realised on one path there was a thick tree and knew it was her only chance. Amber read her mind and slipped in a sentence between her puffs "should we hide behind that huge tree?" "yes" Kyla replied instantly before it was too late. They both jumped behind the thick tree as the wolves run around the corner. They were just in time because one second later the wolves whizzed around the corner and ran straight past them. Amber sighed in relief. The wolves stopped in their tracks and turned around. Kyla's hands flew to cover both of their mouths...

Archie G

Thud thud goes Bob and Jeffs feet as they sprint for their lives. The bounty hunter is right on their heels. "Come on Bob, we can outrun him thanks to our cross country training" whispered Jeff as Bob looks around the mossy, dense, damp forest. "You can't outrun me boys" growled the bounty hunter but slowly and surely he fell behind.

A few hours of running later the boys came to a clearing and ran to the bridge at the end of it, they were puffed out. The boys looked at their clothes, they were filthy, ripped and tattered. When they looked back into the woods the bounty hunter was there. "Jeff! Look! Theres the bounty hunter" whispered Bob "we have to jump". "Ok. 3,2,1... jump!" said Jeff as the boys dived off the bridge and sailed down into a big lake. Splash! went the water when they hit it. Once Bob shook the water out of his eyes he saw a little hut "look, there is a little hut. Let's stay there for the night" he said...