by Amy McBeath

Middle Syndicate News

Tirohanga School Camp

Due to the recent resurgence of Covid 19 and change in alert levels, a decision has been made to cancel our middle syndicate camp at Tirohanga for this year.  While it is disappointing to have had to make this decision, we have taken several factors into consideration.  We plan to provide some outdoor experiences closer to school which can be more flexible in terms of dates if needed.  We will aim to get more information out about these activities by the end of term.

Calendar Art

We've all been working hard to complete an artwork for the Calendar Art Fundraiser.  Each class has created their own fantastic pieces of art.  These are now all ready for you to check out on Seesaw.   

Keeping Ourselves Safe

As part of our health programme we will be teaching the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme in conjunction with the NZ Police in week 9 and 10. The Year 4-6 content of the programme can be accessed here, the Year 0-3 content can be access here. We will be holding a meeting for parents in Room 1A, 3:30pm on Tuesday 8th September to discuss the content in more detail should you wish to attend.

PBL (Project Based Learning)

Our project based learning is progressing with students taking their ideas and creating prototypes for their wayfinding solutions.  Our next task will be to gather some feedback to improve and refine our ideas.  Once we have finished with our school wayfinding products, we'll begin looking at how we can apply our learning to wayfinding solutions for the hospital rebuild.  While each class in the middle syndicate has been researching similar ideas, there is a variety of prototypes and products being created.  


Room 3 have been focusing on Wayfinding this term.

We had to find random places in the school by using photos and then we had to come back to class and write instructions on how to get to that place like how many metres to go to a place.

Then we studied maps and compass directions.

We learned which directions North, South, East and West were. We also had a few worksheets to do on maps.

Then we got to make our own treasure maps and put on how to get to a place using directions.

Now we are making a storyboard for a video that we are making to show people how to get to places that we think people might need to find such as the hall and classrooms.

Eleanor Geddes