by Rosie Hardie

We love calendar art!

Room 4 has been doing Hundertwasser inspired calendar art.

Hundertwasser was a famous artist and architect, he was born in Austria in 1928. Room 4 also learnt about the colour wheel. We learnt that complementary colours are colours that are diagonal from each other on the colour wheel. We also learnt about analogous colours which are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Room 4 enjoyed looking at the buildings he designed. In our art, we needed to add the main elements of his artwork. These are onion domes, rows of houses, contour lines of colour and floating eyeballs. Our favourites would be hidden faces and lollypop trees. We did our artwork in three stages. The first stage was pencil, the second stage was outlining and the last stage was watercolours. We have loved this.

By Emma Dawson