by Megan Day

Sports Wrap Up

We have a strong sporting culture at Kaikorai and this year was no different. We have children who have represented Kaikorai in futsal, touch, tennis, flippa ball, netball, hockey, cricket, triathlon, swimming, cross country, t-ball and basketball.

Sport this year has had many challenges with Covid restrictions meaning many teams have had to play without spectators. It was disappointing to see the annual Otago Cross Country, North Zone Athletics and Otago Athletics competitions cancelled as well as the Year 1-2 futsal competition. We look forward to these returning in 2022 and seeing future Kaikorai success at these events.

Congratulations to the Kaikorai Cheetahs and Pandas who just last week won their futsal competitions.

I’m always so proud to be a part of the Kaikorai community at sports events when I see our children competing with such pride, enjoyment, keenness and sportsmanship. It is clear that the KAIK Values are so deeply instilled in our children.

Sport at Kaikorai would not be possible without the parents, grandparents, siblings and caregivers who give up their time to coach and/or transport children to these events. Thank you for all the time, energy and expertise you put into our teams. It is so appreciated by the children, teachers and parents.

Lastly, I would like to wish our Year 6 students all the best as they move on to their new adventures. I look forward to seeing you represent your new schools in your sporting codes.

Felicia Ward