by Courtney Dunn


Tuesday 11th September 6pm

The Kaikorai school Kapa haka group worked hard to show off what they had learnt to family and friends. There were about 45 kids in the Kapa haka group. The Kapa haka group very passionate that night. This was the only performance the Kapa haka group have this year.


All the Kapa haka kids were backstage practicing and making sure everything was perfect. Lots of that time was spent getting their moko done (.A moko is a a maori print on your face.) That hour of practice went really quickly.

On Stage

The Kapa haka kids got lead on to the stage at 6pm to show the crowd what the Kaikorai kids had learnt every friday afternoon. These were the following songs they sang: Ka titiro, Whakaoho mai, The haka and the school song. Lots of the kids were nervous when they went on but it faded away eventually during Polyfest.

It was an amazing night for the Kapa haka group. Thank you to Danya, Charlie and Matoa for helping the Kapa haka group all year round. Also Miss Dunn for help organising the outfits and organising the group. Here is a link for Polyfest 2018 Polyfest Video 2018

Written by Anabelle Batchelor