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Property News

The project is live!

The Board would like to keep the community informed about the upcoming rebuild of the school in each newsletter.   The Ministry is overseeing this project and we will not be at liberty to discuss all details but we will endeavour to keep you fully informed.

The Ministry of Education has tendered out the redevelopment for a masterplanner.  The masterplanner looks at the current school site and evaluates the long term plan for the schools infrastructure.  The masterplanner is likely to become the architect once this stage is approved.  This tender closes in March and we would expect preliminary layout and ideas by June. 

The project proposes demolition of the main block (seven teaching spaces, administration and library), hall and Room 11 and replacing it with two new blocks - one eight teaching space and one incorporating a new mutli-purpose space, library and administration.

The Ministry have set out an ambitious programme with construction starting in April 2019 and completion in April 2020.

It is expected that the children will stay in the current main block while construction takes place as this will decrease interruptions.