by Robin Hartley

Country Calendar Filming about Freshwater Crayfish

We will be on Country Calendar!

This year (2018) John the Crayfish man expert came and told us about these wonderful creatures. A small group of us were being filmed for country calendar, a TV show on every Sunday night. Freshwater crayfish are sometimes called yabbies or koura.

John told us all about them and here are some of the things

We learned:

  • Freshwater crayfish have been around almost 18 billion years!

  • A female yabbie can layover 200 eggs and she keeps them under her tail.

  • To eat they catch fish and other things and rip them up with

their strong claws.

  • They live in freshwater rivers and hide in little ditches under the water in the rivers.

We were shown a exoskeleton of a crayfish. It looked like it was alive. An exoskeleton is very delicate and if you drop it, it will break! Wooops and sorry John! The exoskeleton of a crayfish is very light because there is nothing inside the shell to make it heavy.

That is all we found out about yabbies, it was really fun.

Thanks John and we look forward to see ourselves on TV!

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Meisha and Elizabeth in Room 1