Scooters by Simon Clarke

Scooters, Skateboards and Bicycles

It is increasingly coming to our attention that a number of children are scooting to school. Although in theory we are very supportive of children using their own power to get to school, we haven't the systems in place to support this.

Storage of 100-200 scooters will pose a problem for us (as it does for many schools) and also the issue of how to keep your child safe while they scoot down some steep hills in the area needs to be considered.  Some schools have organised high vis tops for the children to wear if they are scooting.

We are happy for children to scoot or skateboard to school if under direct supervision of their parents and that the parents can take the scooters home during school time.  But in fairness to all students could the few children who are scooting by themselves and leaving them at school please stop until we have a better system in place.