Rubble all around! by Beth Downie

We reflect on the demolition

THE DEMOLITION by Leo, Rūma iwa

The sound of yelling kids could be heard for miles.

Parts of the old school lay in piles.

Of junk and jumble all over the ground.

Watching the diggers going crunch and crumble and pound.

It made some kids laugh and other kids frown.

To see the old school being ripped down.

The place we once knew and where we laughed and we played.

Was being torn down by a great metal blade


All the classes from Kaikorai School were coming out to watch the old school get demolished. Everyone was screaming and cheering as they watched the roof tumble to the ground. Lots of cars slowed down to see the school get smashed into pieces and pedestrians stopped and stared at the crumbling school.

MY THOUGHTS by Taj, Rūma iwa

Wow isn’t crazy to watch this building going down?

I have been attached to it for 3 years! Boom bash bang! That was the digger crashing the school down.

Who wouldn't want to be here right now and watch the school crashing down? My favourite is when they smashed the windows in! They made such a satisfying crunch noise. This is so loud not just for the building but also for the kids, they are SCREAMING their heads off  I have so many memories here in rooms 6, 4 and 2. 

THE DEMOLITION by Anabel, Rūma iwa


Boom, Crash

Emotions, sad, gone

Loud, cheering, memories, Friday

Smash, screaming, diggers,

Crowd, watching,