by Sarah Gilbert

Middle News

The end of the term is here and our students deserve a good break. We have been really impressed with the resilience students have shown over lockdown and since their return to school. 

We watched the diggers tear down the other half of our building with mixed emotions and did some great descriptive writing about what we saw. We have also started writing narratives and character descriptions. Check some of our writing below.

This week we have had visitors from Otago Cricket and every class got to go out and learn a new game and practice their cricket skills. There will be notices going out next term for students who are interested.

Next term is a short term and is going to be really busy. We will be filming our movie, swimming and a day trip to Tirohanga. We will be swimming all of week 3, from the 1st of November to the 5th and from the 8th of November to the 10th in week 4. Our Tirohanga day trip is on Friday the 12th of November. 

The House On Maple Street

It was a stormy night. The light turned on. The house shook. I am shivering, my heart is beating. Jill is nervous and she is crying. We flew up to the moon. We saw one eyed aliens, planets and the sun. We felt sick, we needed to get home. We fell asleep and a magical star floated us down. We were back home.

By Max Mitchell

Demolition Time

Everybody in the school was lining up and walking over to go watch the incredible demolishment of the old school building.

When I was watching it, it looked magnificent. The crane looked like it had claws like a tiger. The builders were as brave as fierce lions. It looked so eye-catching you couldn’t look away. There were smashing windows, crashing walls and breaking roofs. When we were watching the building fall to bits there was the drone going, people yelling and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

When I was watching it felt exciting, fun, and there were shattering noises and the building just collapsed. In some ways, it felt amazing that we were getting a new school, but in other ways, it felt quite sad because the old school that I have been in just collapsed into pieces...... yet I am so excited for a new beginning. 

By Holly Watkins

The End ... No the Beginning

I am a bit sad because my old school (Kaikorai) is being demolished by big, wonderful and powerful couple of cranes. The windows were smashed. The wood was ripped apart, water was sprayed to stop the dust, at the death of R2, R1, R1a, R2a, the office and the staffroom. They just disappeared just like that.

The school was told to go to the front the long way out of the school and back in the school on the grass to see the construction site. It was like they brought in a wrecking ball then we went back inside the short way staying in the school.

Now let me talk about the cranes. They have razor-sharp jaws that they use to smash, crash and shatter things like a school or a building. It tumbled with the big cranes. Which is dangerous, very dangerous.

They have made a bit of our new school so they had to smash some down so there’s more room to build more of the new school.

What a new, fun and amazing school ahead!

By Penelope Hodgson

Danger Zone at Kaikorai Primary

Today Room 5 saw the seniors block go down at Kaikorai Primary School. It was like a World War Two scene. It was amazing but sad at the same time. It looked like two T-Rex fighting over food and then the little men looked like Velociraptors scavenging for the leftover food. One of the men had an axe. Right now out of the window of room eight I can see the demolition and it looks gruesome and horrendous. This will go down in history, by the way the year is 2021 on a Friday. Now back to the demolition, the school looked like rapid missiles had hit it. From the point I was watching, the cranes were picking up huge scraps of metal. The metal was bent but could slice a man’s head open, that is if the diggers dropped it. There was nothing left of the office.

By Reid Houghton

A Different Perspective!

Today it was the destruction of the old classrooms of Kaikorai.

We all went outside and watched the building crumble like a dinosaur was stepping on a path of cookies. It was a sight that you wouldn’t see every day.

Watching the glass shatter like dust, and seeing the building break away like earth parting between ocean, wasn’t that emotional because I have only been at Kaikorai school for a little while, but for other people, it was different… very different. So new people at Kaikorai school won’t miss the old building, not at all! 

By Lia Cliff

Show not Tell “My Mum Was Mad’ examples of our writing

Disclaimer: These are not examples of our real mothers, but are examples of our great writing!

Her face was as red as a tomato. When I saw her face I ran like a flash. She opened the cupboard she picked at the nerf gun. I ran next door to the park and waited till dad came home. I knew I was in deep trouble. 

By Max Robb

My mum woke up and she roared with flames in her eyes. She exploded and her fists tightened as she stomped through the hallway.

By Kurt Howat-Bath

I saw my mum widen her teeth in rage. She was stamping her feet on the ground. Her eyebrows went down to her eyes. Her fists were tightened in circles. She started to get red.

By Rosie Hebden

Mum was furious as she clenched her knuckles into a big fist. Her face turned red like a juicy tomato. Mum couldn't contain herself. It was like she turned into a cranky monster. Her mouth widened as bad words flew out of her mouth, her pupils became bigger than her eyes. She screamed at the top of her lungs. I quickly ran down the stairs, as mum chased me. I was running so fast, I ran into the rubbish bin. I knew I should've listened to her when she said to take the trash out.

By Holly Watkins