by Linda Martin

Senior Class Science and Technology News

This term is all about Structures. In class we have started investigating natural and man-made strong structures that exist in the world e.g. bridges, buildings, beehives and skeletons. The learning has centred on what makes a structure strong: the materials used, shapes and construction methods.

With our own classes we have had a Tallest Tower Challenge using just marshmellows and spaghetti. Now we are taking each others classes  in rotation and the challenges include a skate board ramp, a flagpole, a ball grabber and a Balloon Snatcher. Already we can see more knowledge of strong shapes and construction methods being demonstrated, and the co-operative skills are stronger.

Here are some of the children's thoughts about the challenges.

Flagpole Challenge. On the 30th of October Room 1 did a Flagpole challenge. In my group I had Ruby and Meg. Our flagpole height was 59cm. We met all criteria. The criteria was free standing and flag raises. The biggest challenge was that it all fell apart at last minute. Next time we would use smaller pieces of tape because we ran out quite fast. The winning group was Micahs group and my group came second. by Hope Stapley

Flagpole Challenge This is our finished structure for the Flagpole Competition! Our flagpole can stand up on its own, we can raise the flag without touching it, and our height was 1.4 cm high. With that, our team came first!! We used 2 full sheets of newspaper, 4 straws, 2 5 meter long tape, string, scissors, and a measuring ruler. We met all of the criteria too!! Our biggest challenges were getting the flag to raise, and getting the flagpole to stand up. Next time I would use stronger shapes like triangles or diamonds. Slow motion dance party for the win!!!!!!! by Lachie Hall

On Wednesday the 1st of November we did a stucture challenge. We had to build the tallest stucture out of spaghetti and marshmellows. We came 3rd overallour structure was 38cm tall. Imogen ms group won the challenge. In my group there was Jayden,Hope,Tyson and Pippa. I would give myself a 4 out of 5 for my co-operative skills. I helped by giving the group lots of ideas and being open to other peoples ideas. by Moss Barton

I give myself a 4 out of 5 for my co-operative skills! I helped by listing and giving a few ides! we could only use spaghetti and marshmallows! i had Imogen Micah and Harry in my group! We won cause it was a competion how has the tallest free standing tower we won with 80cm high! by Meg Allison

On Thursday 2 November we had to make a skateboard ramp for a marble. We were able to use 30 sheets of newspaper, 1 sheet of cardboard and some tape. Our group worked really well together listening to each others ideas. We managed to make a strong base for the ramp, it had a half tube, and it changed direction 4 times. Our marble stayed on the ramp and it also hit the target. My team did really well sharing the jobs and we got a second place. by Imogen Hornal

There are lots of photos and comments in the children's WOW folders that can also be shared with parents. These will be added to in the next couple of weeks.