by Beth Downie

A golf review - by Mikey

In week 3 the senior and middle's syndicate went down to Nairn St Park to meet professional golfer Melanie Harper on a misty mucky day.

First Melanie taught us a golf swing we had two sides a tree to our left and a roadside to our right. She told us to swing to what side she said. Then we got to hit. She taught us how to pick up our club and finger lock. To finger lock, you pick up your golf club with your left hand then you point the club over your head and make a thumbs up the make another thumbs up with your right hand slide them together, wrap your pinkie and your pointing finger together and lock them tight. 
After you got taught to pick up and finger lock we had three different kinds of balls a big dodgeball a soggy tennis ball and a small light rubber golf ball. 

We got put with three other people. They stood where a flag was on the other side of the field. First, we hit the big ball then she blew the whistle and we ran to the other side and high-fived one of our partners they picked it up and they hit it. same with the soggy tennis ball. With the rubber golf ball, we got three hits. I hit it medium twice and huge one big-time.

There are golf lessons for kids on Sunday mornings all around Dunedin Thanks to Melanie Harper for teaching us some golf skills.