by Jill Kumar

Kahurangi Dance Group visits Kaikorai Primary

Report by Jedd and Holly. Last Wednesday the middles, juniors and several senior classes, had the Kahurangi Dance Group come in and perform dances, drama and singing around Myths and Legends. They also did some poi too.

Our favourite performances were when they asked for boys to come up and copy what they did. Leon, Leo and Shaun were picked. It was hilarious.They showed us a weapon called a taiaha. One of the myths was about a girl out at sea and a boy who liked her but he could hardly see her because she always had to go see her family out at sea. So he went to someone who told him if you get her to drink this she will always be with you but she will never be able to go back to the sea.

When they did the poi they banged it on their shoulder, arms and hands. They were amazing.

We hope they come back next year. Best wishes for the Kahurangi Dance Group on the rest of their tour and we hope they make other schools want them back - just like us!