by Jill Kumar

Logan Park Orchestra

Report by Kate and Theo The Logan Park Highschool Orchestra (42 playing students) came to visit our school.They began the concert by playing a piece called Finlandia which was a dramatic, fast moving piece.It happened in the Kaikorai School hall, in the afternoon.

The strings section included violins, cellos, double bass and violas. The brass section had deep and loud sounds and included the french horn, trombones, trumpets and a bassoon. We also heard the percussion section with drums, cymbals and a keyboard player. The woodwind section included oboes, flutes, clarinets and saxophones. I (Kate) liked how they would introduce the piece before they played it.I (Theo) liked how they would explain the different sections and show what they sound like.

We would love to give a big thank you to Cathy Zeng (the main organiser), Mr John Dodds (conductor) and to our former Kaikorai Primary school pupils, Isaac Randall , Callum Fotheringham , Louis Robertson , Dante Dawson , David Zeng and Cathy Zeng and to all the other orchestra members too. My (Kate) favourite piece was Finlandia. My (Theo) favourite piece was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. Thank you Mr John Dodds for engaging all of the Kaikorai Students by sharing wonderful pieces of music with us.