by Felicia Ward

Junior News

What a year it has been!

Highlights have been welcoming all our new junior students, particularly all our little five years olds starting school for the first time, the school production and our market day just the other week!

While this year has had its challenges with absences of both staff and children from time to time we are impressed by the resilience that our little people have shown. It is obvious they love school and their positive attitudes truly are infectious!

In the last two weeks, the Juniors have spent some well deserved time celebrating a busy year by attending the Kavanagh Pantomime and a trip to the movies. A big thank you to our parent helpers who made this possible.

The fun and learning at school doesn't just happen so I wanted to extend a big thank you to all our junior staff this year. Courtney, Paula, Maggie, Glenda, Hannah, Emma, Nicole, Kelly, Sue, AK, Jacinda & Margaret, thank you for the many hours you put into our students. It is obvious how much you genuinely care for each and every one of our children and they are so lucky to have had you be part of their learning journey this far! I know you will join me in wishing them a well deserved summer break with friends and families!

We wish Hannah Gold all the best in her new position. We thank you for your dedication to Rūma Whitu this year. They have been very lucky children to have you!

We also thank Glenda Thomas for her time in Rūma Waru. We have loved having you as part of the Kaikorai staff but know that this isn't goodbye and no doubt we will see you again soon!

Lastly, we wanted to extend a big thank you to you all for your support over the year. There are so many aspects of school life that would not be possible without your help! Our little people are so lucky to have such caring people in their lives. We hope you have a safe and happy summer with your loved ones and we look forward to another exciting year in 2023!

Merry Christmas!

Felicia Ward