by Felicia Ward

Sports News

This week winter sport has wrapped up for another year. The season started off with huge excitement. Quickly it turned to uncertainty as we moved up the alert levels. It was heartening to see the positive attitude that the children showed as they adjusted to the challenges of the ‘new normal’ of sport.

I have continued to be impressed by the KAIK values that our Kaikorai children show on and off the sports field. This has not gone unnoticed, with other schools commenting on the sportsmanship that the children at Kaikorai display.

It has been great that the season could continue relatively as normal for the Year 5-6 teams and while it has been a short season for many of the Year 1 - 4 teams it has been pleasing to still get the games played.

As always a huge thank you to our coaches - Cherie Hood, Andrea Knight, Amy Tyson, Laura Allison, Ros Allison, Hamish Robb, Emma Sheehan, Paul Twemlow, Sarah Hill and Mandy Watkins. We are so grateful for the time and effort you put in!

As well as athletics, we look forward to summer sports kicking off next term!

Have a great holiday!