by Megan Day

Fundamental Skills

Written By Lydia & Phoenix

Kaikorai School has been lucky enough, maybe too lucky to have been involved with the Fundamental Skills Otago polytechnic two times a week this term.

Fundamental Skills is an interactive, fun, and blood pumping activity group that is run by people from the Otago polytech sports group. They have been at Kaikorai for 4 weeks and the kids have had a lot of interesting, pleasing, and lively experiences, having Ben and Josh here to teach them about the different sports.

The activities have included basketball skills, soccer skills, skipping, and hopping/jumping.

Fundamental skills is all about getting kids up and running and keeping fit well having fun with their friends.

It was challenging having so many people there trying to do the same thing but everyone worked through it and had a fun time.

Our favourite thing about it was the hoping/jumping lesson because I had not done much of that type of stuff in a long time, so it was fun to do it again. “I learned that more about how to work on basketball skills and have a fun time”- Lydia 

“To be honest I don't know my favorite skills because they were all great!” -Phoenix 

“I liked the basketball skills and playing all the games”- Olivia B

“I enjoyed skipping and how everyone got a turn to skip.”- Olivia L

All the children at Kaikorai have really enjoyed having the fundamental skills as part of their weekly timetable and every time that Josh and Ben were here to teach us we could not wait to get outside and get going again.

By Lydia  and Phoenix 

Room 2