by Simon Clarke

Property News

After what has seemed like an eternity of discussing and planning property issues it was a highlight to have an official opening of the new playground.

The new playground has proven to be very popular with children of all ages and it has been pleasing to see high numbers of children enjoying the space during the weekends and before/after schools.

Unfortunately, we have had to close the slide for this week as Playco need to come back and rectify some issues.

A big thank you once again to the following funders of the playground.

  • Board of Trustees - $50,000
  • Parent Group - $50,000
  • Otago Community Trust - $30,000
  • Alexander McMillan Trust - $15,000
  • Lion Foundation - $8,000
  • Sargood Bequest -$3,000

We can hopefully now look forward to the "turning of the sod" on stage 1 of the rebuild sometime in November.