by Jill Kumar

Violin lessons available at Kaikorai Primary school.

Want to improve your child's focus, perseverance, academic scores, and even IQ, whilst also giving them access to the 'language of the soul'? Research shows that learning a musical instrument increases the size and power of the brain, leading to these benefits and many more. From next term we are very fortunate to be able to offer in-school violin lessons with professional violinist Rachel Barton. Read on if you want to find out more...

With 20 years of international teaching experience, she has an excellent track record taking students all the way from beginner to diploma level. Lessons cost $350 per term (10 x 30 minutes), and instruments can be hired for $50 per term. Individual lessons are recommended for best results, but if you prefer, bring a buddy and share the cost. Please note, in addition to lessons 10 minutes daily practise at home is essential for good progress. Contact for further details or to register your child.