by Rosie Hardie

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is in full swing at Kaikorai now. All classes are looking at the new hospital rebuild and have been working hard on completing a final product to showcase our learning. We talked to each class about what they were doing and what they enjoyed the most during this PBL.

Room 1 - We are learning about pneumatics and transporting things and making a hospital - Sophie & Freya

Room 1A - A gastroenterologist came into our class. We have been doing problem-solving challenges. We are building mini hospitals to try to fix the problem of not having enough storage so you can get through the corridors easily - Molly, Phoebe, Lucia & William 

Room 2 - Room 2 have been making mini hospitals to help transport information and results - Phoenix 

Room 2A - In Room 2A we are making hospital models with pneumatics and hydraulics to transport medical needs to people fast - Aaliyah

Room 3 - We are using CoSpaces to make a hospital to show people how to get around - Isabelle 

Room 4 - In Room 4 we have been doing PBL and we have been working individually or in pairs to make dioramas of the new hospital. We have to make something move with pneumatics, hydraulics, or robotics to show our learning of logistics. Our favourite part was when got to make the hospitals, look at the heart monitor with Kate Stevely, and make the balloon rockets - Alice

Room 5 - Two experts have come in so far and one is still to come in - Holly & Theo

Room 6 - We are making a website that can tell you where to go and it will have different languages - Amelia

Room 7 - We are making interactive art on Scratch to make people have something to do in the hospital. We are working by ourselves - Ben & Lucy

Room 8 - We are making an app about trying to stay healthy and fit. Our favourite part has been making banana muffins - Becky & Molly

Room 9 - We like using robots to deliver blood tests to other places - Olivia

Room 10 - We are making dioramas of fairy tales with QR codes so if someone is having surgery it will play the fairy tale to them - Edward.

Room 12 - We are making maps and signs to tell you where to go and how to get there - Charlotte, Anya & Millie.

Next term we are looking forward to getting the chance to have all the parents come in and see our learning and final products