by Bridget McDowall

Senior News

Titiro whakamuri, kokiri whakamua-Look back and reflect so you can move forward

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 1st April-Sausage Sizzle

  • Monday 4th April-TIMSS Study for Year 6 students

  • Friday 8th April-Sausage Sizzle

  • Monday 11th April-Whole School Well-Being Week

  • Wednesday 13th April-Girls Got Game Basketball sessions. Rooms 9 and 10 will be at 9:30 am and Rooms 11 and 12 at 11:00 am.

  • Thursday 14th April-Last day for Term 1

Sausage Sizzle

Our learning team will be running a weekly sausage sizzle from Friday the first of April. Funds raised will be used to support our Year 6 Camp. All Year 6 families should have received an email in regards to this. If you did not receive the email correspondence please forward me your email address.

Order a sausage using this link


What is “Zones of Regulation”

The Zones of Regulation Programme is a framework designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. It was developed by Leah Kuypers in 2011 (OT/autism specialist in America).

How does it work

It groups emotions into 4 Zones; Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red and teaches us to recognise how we are feeling and what we can do in each zone to help deal with our emotions in an acceptable way. There are no bad zones but operating in the green zone is preferable. People may move through the zones during the course of their day.

Why use “Zones of Regulation”

If we teach our children “good” coping and self-regulation skills, they can help themselves when they become anxious, sad, or stressed. Returning back to school after isolating may be an unsettling or anxious time for children. Teaching our children about using helpful strategies when they are in a calm state will give them the tools to deal with overwhelming emotions when they occur.

Who benefits from Zones of Regulation?

We all benefit by being able to recognise our emotions, what triggers certain emotions in us and what we can do to regulate our emotions. Although this is written for your child at home and at school, you may find the strategies will work for adults as well.


Our PALS are currently running a Senior School cricket tournament. This is going extremely well and they are hoping to have a cricket final before the end of Term. Thank you to our PALS for their organisation and enthusiasm.

Costs for the Year

During the year we will go on various trips including the Art Gallery and Edgar Centre. There may be a small cost for these activities to assist with covering the cost of buses. 

Swimming in Term 4 will be approximately $40.

A weekly payment plan to help cover the cost of trips, stationery and education outside the classroom can be set up at the office. This may be helpful to assist with camp in Term 4. Please contact Sharon at the office if you would like to do this.


Our Year 6 will be held at Camp Iona from Tuesday 22nd to Friday the 25th of November. The approximate cost for school camp will be $180-$230. We will fundraise this year to keep the cost down. Information will be sent out later in the year.

Our Year 5 students will take part in an outdoor education programme at school during this time. 


As part of our Structured Literacy Programme we will be working on our handwriting skills to improve speed and efficiency when writing. Each student will have a handwriting book. These will cost $5 per student and will be placed on your child’s school account. Thank you in advance for supporting us with this initiative.