by Felicia Ward

Sport in 2020

What a year it has been for sport! Reflecting on our successes in 2020 it is hard to believe that we once faced the uncertainty of many sports being played.

It is always great to see our students getting involved in a number of sports and this year was no different with a rise in participant numbers across a range of sports.

Congratulations to the Kaikorai Pandas and Kaikorai Cheetahs who won their Futsal grade this term and a special mention to the Kaikorai Highlanders touch team who narrowly lost their final by 1 try. 

As always, I have continued to be impressed with the sportsmanship that our students show. This is not going unnoticed with many other schools also commenting. Whether we win or lose, this is the most important part of sport.

A huge thank you to all our fabulous volunteers who continue to give up their time to coach our sports team. It really would not be possible without your support.

Lastly, we wish our Year 6s all the best as they move onto intermediate. We look forward to seeing you represent your new schools on the sports field.

Have a lovely holiday!

Felicia Ward