by Felicia Ward

Junior News

Our last few weeks have been filled with fun, including our trip to the movies, the Kavanagh Pantomime, our visit from Ruud Kleinpaste (Bug Man), as well as swimming. It has been a fantastic way to celebrate the end of a busy year with so much excitement!

Reflecting on 2020, it has surely been a busy and interesting year. The one thing we have really noticed this year is the growth in resilience, independence and self management skills of our students. The way they carried on with school life as if nothing had happened is something really special.

We wish to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful parents, grandparents and wider family members who have supported us this year. Whether it be helping on school trips or in the classroom or working alongside your child during lockdown we are truly so appreciative of your support.

Sadly, we farewell Miss Jody Bolger as she continues her teaching career at Methven Primary next year. We know the children in Room 7 have been incredibly lucky to have such an enthusiastic, caring and passionate teacher this year. All the best, Jody. We will miss you!

We also say farewell to Mrs Susan Oldfield and thank her for giving the Room 11 children such a fantastic start to school.

Lastly, we would like to wish all our Year 2 students the best of luck as they move through to the Middle Syndicate next year. We have absolutely loved watching you grow into the fantastic people you have become. Go well!

Enjoy a well earned holiday and we look forward to another great year in 2021.

Merry Christmas! 

Junior Teachers