Room1A - Free verse poetry.

In the seniors we have been exploring different types of poetry, here are some of our excellent examples of free verse. We wrote these based on the idea of voyaging waka from our PBL topic.


Picking up a shell, putting it to my ear hearing the whistling wind and crashing waves. 

Smooth dolphins flip through the water.

Birds flap their wings through the air.

A big bowl of light will guide me at night. 

The waka rides the wave then splash!


Gusty wind shivers down my back,

a waterfall of raindrops fall from the sky.

Clouds swell up at night. The waka flies into humungous storms.

Following stars through pitch back nights.

Tugging on nets full of fish, juicy fruit dribbles down my chin.

Clouds hovering over land. 


The shimmering bright orange light, like a big golden coin.

Rising up out of the east, the sun wakes up in the morning.

Setting down again in the west the sun goes to sleep. 

Into the night, little white dots.

Represented as stars, glowing fast like a nervous heartbeat. 

Crash! The lightning hits like a flash of yellow. 

And the wind whistles and howls, 

the storm has come. I can sense it in the night.


The wind blows into the clouds as they morph into new shapes. 

The brightly shining moon peeks through the clouds lighting up the world. 

Birds fly through the sky as they flap their wings, gliding like a bullet.

Tall brown broccoli dancing in the wind. 

A dog is waggling his tail back and forth like an annoying fly.

Then the thundering storm comes over the island, covering everything in hundreds of droplets.

Once the storm clears the stars light up the sky like thousands of L.E.D. lights.


Glowing constellations in a big black sky. Waves splash over the side of the boat. 

Coconuts rattle as the waka sways side to side.

Trees dance as they approach a calm sandy beach.

My feet sizzle as they hit the golden sand.

Water gushes down my throat as I tip the gourd high into the sky.

My hands feel toasty as we sing around a fire.

I lay on the cool green grass and look up at the twinkling lights in the sky above.