Announcement by Simon Clarke

Reports will be sent home today and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Please check your child's bag for their school report.

Your child's report will be coming home today. This is one half of the reporting package, and we look forward to talking to all parents about their child's achievements this year, their goals for the remainder of the year, and how we can work together to help them achieve their potential.

The reports have an attitude and skills section and we have included the key below.  Consider it a 4 point scale with usually being what we would expect of children and most of the time being exceptional.

BT = Beginning to

ST = Sometimes

US = Usually

MT = Most of the time

Bookings close at 3pm today.

These interviews are extended to 15 minutes long.  We are aiming for 100% turn out from parents and we will be contacting by phone any parents who we don't see.  Please indicate if you prefer to do your interview via zoom or google meet.

1. To make a booking please go to

2. Enter the schools unique code wxvda

3. We would advise you not to select back to back sessions as this may cause delays.

4. It would be greatly appreciated if parents could book one interview per child. 

The site is live now!

Although the vast majority of parents will be able to access the web from a home computer, a friend’s computer or a workplace computer, our office staff are available to assist any families having difficulty with the booking process.

We advise parents to book early to confirm their preferred time.