Room 2a News

Welcome to Room 2a’s snapshot for the third term of 2020. We are lucky enough to have Mr Reid, our Third Year student, with us. He is currently teaching us in his first placement. We have enjoyed working on our reading and writing and building our large ball skills. He will be with us again for the last 4 weeks of the term.

Last Term for P.B.L (Project Based Learning) we were design experts and needed to make an accessory to bring awareness to an environmental issue. We made up logos and slogans and put them on our accessory. Our environmental issues included plastic in the ocean, deforestation, not enough recycling and polluted rivers and streams. Some people used modelling clay to make their accessory, others used recycled materials and some used a laser cutter.

This term for P.B.L. We are looking at logistics and are focusing on changes we can make in our school to improve different logistical hotspots we identified during our Entry Event. One of the hotspots is at the end of the school day, the corridor is really crowded. Everyone is getting bowled over and shoved around so we have to find a solution to this problem. We are then going to be focusing on the new Hospital rebuild and look at how we could help with the logistics there. At the hospital medical supplies are traveling through the hallways and disturbing the patients and Doctors' so we are going to find a way to do move supplies efficiently and without interfering with patients and doctors.

When Mr Pickering was away we did some art. Mrs Cleland showed us paintings of nature by famous artists including Fraser Williamson and Frank Gordon. Then we tried to paint some ourselves. We used greens, brown and yellow to make our leaf art. We got taught about depth and overlapping to make our artwork more lifelike.

Over the last week we have been going through our school song actions, words and what it actually means. Our school song represents us and our school. It tells people what Kaikorai School is and what we're about. Our school song can be used as a welcome or a farewell to people coming or leaving our school. It is important to sing our school song so that the Māori language and culture is respected.

This term we are creating pick-a-path narratives. As a lead in to this Mr Pickering gave us an option of writing about The Ice Man or The Troll that Lives Under the Green Square. We have had to think about the characters, setting and a problem that has occurred in the story.