Room 2 catch up written by Leo, Julia, and Ilsa.

In Room 2 we have been learning about changes for our P.B.L. (Project Based Learning) topic.

Our driving question is “How can we as logistics experts make sure supplies travel through the school without getting in the way of students and teachers?”

If you’re wondering, logistics is all about getting things from point A to point B safely, securely, and on time.

We have noticed that in our school the only way to get messages around the school is for Mrs. Fitzgerald to completely stop what she is doing and go and physically take the message from point A to point B all by herself.

Throughout the week we did a tally chart of how many times she was interrupted from her job to go and deliver a message and on average she gets interrupted 17 times per 10 minutes - that’s almost two interruptions per minute! So we thought, how could we as a class come up with a way to help her?

We have been planning and designing different ways to get messages across the school. Here are some of our ideas…

  • Making a robot controlled from a computer with a tracker

  • Making a pulley lever from office to the classroom

  • Flying a drone to deliver messages

  • Creating an app for the teachers to use

  • Designing tube tunnels from office to classroom

We have been learning to give directions to a partner who is blindfolded and deliver them safely from point A to point B. We achieved this so now we are learning to give directions to the Edison Robots. We plan to deliver a message from the office to our classroom using an Edison Robot.

Here are some photos and videos of us working on this.

From Leo, Julia, and Ilsa