by Beth Downie

PAL training day

Hi, we are from the PAL group. PAL stands for Physical, Activity, Leaders.

Every week we will be hosting games out on the playground. We encourage everyone to join in the games we put together.

We have been trained by Sport Otago in leadership, game ideas, and inclusiveness.

Physical activity means to get moving outside and give your body a workout. Leaders basically mean taking charge and being role models. On the 28th of July, we went to the Edgar Centre and Sport Otago taught us about PAL and what it means.

We will be somewhere around the school hosting a fun game for everyone to join in on. There will be lots of fun and exciting activities. It is going to help you get exercise at lunchtime. It is very fun to play games. We are going to play games like octopus and loads of fun games you might enjoy. The best part is everyone can do it, seniors, middles, and juniors. We hope to see you at lunchtime!

Max, Ollie, Zinara, Sophie and the rest of the PAL crew.